5G Radio Altimeter Working Group

In 2021 the Board created the 5G Radio Altimeter Working Group (5GRAWG), to focus on the co-existence issue between 5G operation in the 3500/3800 MHz band and radio altimeters. While RABC’s membership includes organizations with interests in aviation, Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada requested RABC invite additional aviation stakeholders so as to have a balanced representation within the working group to obtain technical input from all impacted industries. The work of the 5GRAWG has benefited from the participation of 15 guest stakeholders. 

Leveraging the Board’s Advanced Wireless Services subcommittee and the 5GRAWG, RABC recently submitted comments to a consultation on proposed changes to SRSP-520, Issue 3, Technical Requirements for Fixed and/or Mobile Systems, Including Flexible Use Broadband Systems, in the Band 3450 – 3900 MHz; and RSS-192, Issue 5, Flexible Use Broadband Equipment Operating in the Band 3450-3900 MHz. Ten meetings were convened to review the standards!

Prior to the publication of the consultation, the 5GRAWG advised Transport Canada and ISED regarding the Departments’ 5G Radio Altimeter series of studies (including laboratory testing of several radio altimeter models, qualitative and quantitative over-the-air (OTA) testing with the use of various radio altimeters, and a computational analysis) performed to guide the update of Radio Altimeter protections. 

The 5GRAWG is co-Chaired by Geoff Catliff (TELUS) and Mary Ost (Boeing/ Canadian Satellite and Space Industry Forum).

Current as of March 22nd, 2023