Broadcasting Committee

The Broadcasting Committee is a permanent standing technical committee that reports to the RABC Executive Committee. It has two subcommittees: The Safety Code 6 subcommittee; and the Radio Working Group.

The Broadcasting Committee will study and recommend on the technical performance of equipment used for broadcasting purposes in Canada. The Broadcasting Committee will develop recommendations to the government on technical matters relating to or affecting the orderly development of the Canada broadcasting system. Broadcasting equipment standards published by Innovation, Science and Economic Development are frequently studied. These include Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standards, Broadcasting Specifications and Standards, Guidelines and Client Procedures Circulars.

Safety Code 6 subcommittee

Rapid growth of the wireless communication industry is resulting in an increasing number of antenna installations and use of other types of radio devices, such as smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi routers and is expected to continue with the implementation of 5G services. This growth requires continued vigilance with regard to compliance with Safety Code 6.

The Safety Code 6 subcommittee will develop approaches for demonstrating SC6 compliance for antenna installations. Note that compliance of equipment with Safety Code 6 is not considered to be part of this work. The subcommittee has the mandate to study radiofrequency safety issues and make recommendations concerning the application of Safety Code 6 and other radiofrequency safety rules and guidelines in the Canadian radiocommunication sector. 

Telecom carriers, broadcasters and other RABC members are to be included in this subcommittee.

The Safety Code 6 subcommittee is Chaired by Julie Bergeron, CBC/Radio Canada.

Radio Working Group

The Radio Working Group will study and make recommendations concerning the introduction of new Radio standards for Canada; and to review any proposed changes to the technical regulatory rules and standards pertaining to AM or FM radio (including HD radio).

The Broadcasting Committee is Chaired by Kirk Nesbitt, Canadian Association of Broadcasters.

Current as of March 22nd, 2023