Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the interaction of electrical and electronic equipment with its electromagnetic environment, and with other equipment. All electronic devices have the potential to emit electromagnetic fields. The problem of EMC continues to be studied and requires regulations and standards.

The EMC Committee will study and make recommendations regarding the rules, standards and measurement methods in order to improve electromagnetic compatibility. Activities of the committee will be of interest to appliance manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, telecom device and equipment manufacturers, makers of lighting equipment, vehicle manufacturers, makers of wireless power transfer equipment, network operators and testing laboratories. The Committee will provide recommendations concerning standards documents published by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada including Information Causing Equipment Standards, Electromagnetic Compatibility Advisory Bulletins, and updates on RF Exposure assessment methods.

The Chair of the EMC Committee is Glenn MacDonell, Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Current as of March 22nd, 2023