Mobile & Personal Communications Committee

The Mobile & Personal Communications (M&PC) Committee is a standing committee of RABC reporting to the Executive Committee. It will study and make recommendations regarding the development and formulation of proposed policies, regulations, standards and frequency plans relating primarily to the radio frequency spectrum used by mobile services and the newer flexible use licensees (including cellular/5G, land mobile radio, mobile satellite, Zone Enhancers, TV White Spaces, multi-use radio service and maritime). The M&PC Committee has two subcommittees.

Advance Wireless Services subcommittee 

The AWS subcommittee typically reviews and makes recommendations concerning regulations included in the Standard Radio Systems Plans and Radio Standards Specifications published by Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada.

The AWS subcommittee is Chaired by Geoff Catliff of TELUS.

Public Safety subcommittee

The Public Safety subcommittee reviews and makes recommendations concerning policies, regulations and technical standards that impact radio frequency spectrum used by public safety agencies across Canada, including narrowband and broadband frequencies.

The Public Safety subcommittee is Chaired by Martin McCulloch, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

The M&PCC Committee is Chaired by Bob Simmonds, Lenbrook/Canadian Electronics and Communications Association.

Current as of March 22nd, 2023