SRSP-540 Issue 1

The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is seeking comments on the consultation of SRSP-540 Issue 1 “Technical requirements for Public Safety Broadband Systems (PSBS) in the Bands 758-768 MHz and 788-798 MHz”. This standard sets out minimum technical requirements for the efficient spectrum utilization of public safety broadband systems operating in the bands 758-768 MHz and 788-798 MHz. SRSP-540 is related to RSS-140 and will be reviewed by the working group established to review RSS-140.

RABC Letter re review SRSP-540 Issue 1


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Final_Minutes_RSS140&SRSP540 WG 2018_02_08 v1

Approved_Minutes_RSS140&SRSP540 WG 2018_01_16 v1

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