SRSP-301.7, Issue 4 (February 2020) – Technical Requirements for Fixed Radio Systems Operating in the Bands 1700-1710 MHz and 1780-1850 MHz

​This Standard Radio System Plan (SRSP) replaces SRSP-301.7, issue 3. Issue 4 of SRSP-301.7 has been released to amend the antenna requirements for fixed systems used for the management of the electricity supply.

The following are the main changes:

1. The antenna characteristics, for systems used for the management of the electricity supply, have been modified to allow smaller omnidirectional antennas for terminal stations.

2. Removal of references to low-, and very low capacity systems, based on policy decisions in SMSE-022-14, Decisions on Spectrum Utilization Policies and Technical Requirements Related to Backhaul.

3. Other editorial updates and improvements have been made throughout the document.

PNRH-301,7 – 4e edition

PNRH-301,7 - 4e edition

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