ISED Proposed Modifications to the Issuing of Developmental Licences


Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) is initiating a consultation as a means to revise the process for issuing developmental licences across all frequency bands. These revisions are proposed in order to better address the changing needs of innovators and to enhance Canada’s position as a global leader in the development and experimentation of the next wave of wireless technology.

As new wireless technologies such as 5G promise to increase innovation among businesses and offer consumers more advanced applications, Canada will seek to capitalize on these technologies to give businesses, research institutions and cities a competitive edge. As outlined in the Innovation Agenda, ISED has recognized the importance of innovation in digital technologies and is seeking to maximize the benefits of current and emerging digital technologies.

Spectrum is a critical resource for innovators. To keep Canada at the forefront of digital development, it is essential for innovators to have the ability to conduct tests and technology trials of cutting-edge services, technology and systems.

In developing a revised process for issuing developmental licences, ISED will be guided by the objectives stated in section 7 of the Telecommunications Act, and the policy objective stated in the Spectrum Policy Framework for Canada to maximize the economic and social benefits that Canadians derive from the use of the radio frequency spectrum.

Further, given the pace of innovation, ISED is proposing that any changes to the process for issuing developmental licences should be those that are can be implemented efficiently and quickly to maximize the benefit.


ISED consultation document

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