ISED Radio Standard Specification, RSS-216, issue 3 (April 2024 draft) – Wireless power transfer devices.

The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is seeking comments on the following consultation: RSS-216, issue 3, “Wireless power transfer devices”. This standard sets out the requirements applicable to wireless power transfer devices, including sources (transmitters) and clients (receivers). Changes from issue 2 include: increased maximum separation distance; included limits in RSS-216 instead of referring to ICES-001, plus limits above 1 GHz; adoption of ANSI C63.30-2021; other clarifications and general editorial updates.

Comments are due no later than July 2, 2024.

RSS-216 i3_Wireless power transfer devices (RABC_2024-04-18)

RSS-216 i3_Wireless power transfer devices (RABC_2024-04-18)

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