HD Radio: The RABC Broadcast Committee is reviewing the demand for HD Radio Standards in Canada

ISED asked for the views of RABC participants as to the level of interest in Canada for HD Radio and whether this issue should become a priority for the Department. The Department has received a letter from NABA which is available for consideration.

Compatibility Study – Analog and HD Radio Broadcasting Systems in the 88-108 MHz Band – redacted version

Proposed HD Radio Test Procedures to Determine D/U Criteria

Meeting Agenda – October 19, 2017

RABC letter to ISED re HD Radio Testing Final Oct 20 2017

Meeting Agenda – October 5, 2017

Canadian FM Radio Study for DTS – LS telcom

CRTC Update – October 5, 2017

Working Group Chair’s update – October 5, 2017

NABA Contribution to ITU – September 18, 2017

Letter to ISED from the North America Broadcasters Association (NABA) regarding a cooperative continental approach on the transition from analogue to digital radio technology

Broadcasting Circular 21, Issue 1, August 2008 – Experimental HD Radio (Hybrid and Extended Hybrid) in the FM Broadcasting Band

Meeting Agenda – September 13, 2017

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